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    The black streaking you see on your roof is called (GLOEOCAPSA MAGMA) which is very infectious, meaning it will transfer from one side of your roof to the other side or even from one house to another. The more there is the faster it will grow. Although most are concerned about the aesthetics or curb appeal,  it’s actually eating away at the limestone filler in the asphalt which in time will loosen up and the granules will begin to fall away much faster than they should, taking away years of the expected life of your roof.
  The dark growth also draws in more heat than the “clean” spots on the roof which will also shorten the life of the shingle.

Curb appeal is another big consideration to anyone who may be looking to sell their house. A potential buyer may truly believe they will need to replace their roof for thousands of dollars, when in reality it could be taken care of by the home owner and Raystown Roof Cleaning for a small fraction of that.

Raystown Roof Cleaning also offers and highly recommends regular roof treatments to
keep the problem “knocked down” and your roof looking good!

Raystown Roof Cleaning has done jobs from a small shed to an entire condo complex,
so don’t be afraid your job is out of the normal scope. We also travel throughout Central, Pa!

*Let us safely remove those unsightly black streaks from your shingled roof.

*Industry (ARMA) approved method leaves roof and property undamaged.

*Hundreds of roofs done in the last 9 years with great results

           Roof cleaning is a completely different trade from pressure washing requiring different pumps, plumbing
                hoses, nozzles, valves, chemicals, caution, knowledge, experience, skill, and insurance.

  Raystown Roof Cleaning has all of the necessary tools, and we have the experience
  from having done many, many roofs over the past several years

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